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The best new way to learn a language.

Learning with Hola! Language School is fun and addictive. Learn in a group environment with our interactive online community or study at your own pace. 

General Courses

We offer comprehensive online language classes focusing on more than just grammar and vocabulary. Immerse yourself in real life topics such as ‘Interacting with your boss and colleagues’ or ‘Life abroad’ so you can learn to speak with confidence.

Language for Business

Learn a language for business and professionals in small groups and private lessons taught by our world-renowned university lecturers. Learn about all the cultural norms and business etiquette when doing business in every part of the world. Practice with your very own native speaker online.

CEFR Accredited

It’s common to think of language levels as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, but this is often too broad.
At Hola! we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It’s an internationally recognized standard that describes your learning progress in more detail. In simpler terms, the framework helps you to explain your level from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1). The CEFR levels build on each other all the way up to native-level fluency.


Check out our language schools. Take a general class, full-term course, business language course or complete 12 month linguisticsc program.

Explore new Courses

Check out this weeks popular trending courses as voted by 1500+ of your peers and students from all over the world.


Language for Business. 

Ann Thompson

English, Spanish

$ 149


English 102 – Action Vocabulary

James Evans

English, French, Swedish

$ 49


English 101 – Alphabet & Grammar

Robert Colton

English, French, Spanish


Our Teachers

Special shout out to our teachers of the month as voted by students. These guys have been recognised for their excellent classes, dedication and relatability to make learning a new language fun and exciting!


michelle andrade

English, Spanish

“I love how Michelle takes time to make sure the class understands the full richness of intonation” – Jessica C.


John Stamos

English, french, swedish

“John is very easy going and relatable, it’s like I’m learning French just by chatting to a friend” – Tim K.


Kelly Masterson

French, English, swedish

“Kelly is one of my favourite tutors, shes takes time to go through the material with us at an easy pace”
– Janine F.


Michael Wong

English, Korean, russian

“Michael makes learning Korean a sinch. He not only explains the characters, but goes into depth about the origins and history of the language” – Steph J.

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