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We're Getting Married!

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Dan & Jess

She said YES! We’re getting married!

Thanks for viewing our wedding website, on behalf of Jess and I we would love to invite you to come and celebrate our big day. The wedding details, all the events, attire, directions and accomodation details are listed on the website. You can RSVP via the link below and even write a digital card to pin up on our well-wishing wall. We’ll post all the photos from the pre-wedding parties to the big day itself live on the website too. 

How We Met

Dan and I met through mutual friends One of my best friends (my longest friend, actually) always invited me to group gatherings. Her boyfriend at the time (now husband) often invited Dan to these same… 

First Date

After Dan finally had the courage to ask me out after our uni group meeting he…

The Proposal

It was so unexpected, I had just dropped Jess home after our first group camping trip and…

the bride

Jess Tayler

Jess is the one of the kindest human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We graduated uni together and she has since become a kind and caring nurse for over 9 years. Shes the most down to earth girl and Dan is very lucky to have snagged this one! 

– Sarah, Maid Of Honour

the groom

Dan Kudrow

Dan is the most chill and funny down to earth guy there is. He’s always been a good mate, always there for his buds. A fantastic fisherman and an awesome best friend, Dan always has a story to tell and on behalf of the boys – were sad to see him go but more than excited to see him with Jess. You guys are perfect for each other and we wish you the very best.

– Jacob, Best Man

Bucks / Hens Info

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The Big Day

11 AM Saturday 21st August 2022 

The After Party

Are you attending?

Please RSVP Before April 1th

Wedding weekend itinerary



December 17, 2019


From 18:00 PM


3355, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu



December 18, 2019


From 14:00 PM


3355, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu



December 19, 2019


From 10:00 AM


3355, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Questions about the big day? Guests, Seating or Dietary Requirements. 
Please Fill In The Form Below And Our Wedding Manager Jenn Will Be In Touch.

Wedding Venue

10 Chapel Road, Sunshine Penninsula

Ceremony Time

11 AM – 12:30 PM

Our Socials.

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